PRAUF Group converts its nonrivalness into prestigious way with its rational solutions. There are people who know where information is available, there are people who think where mind is available.

Who we are?
Only good machines are born in Germany

Who we are?

Mystery of smoke, redden welding wire, unique German steel, 90% matte black, 10% cardinal red and advanced engineering, we call it PRAUF! Machines having been designed for different solutions come to life in FRANKFURT, Industry and finance centre of Germany. We present to market with a fair price policy by reflecting different production disciplines and quality of German engineering to our machines. We continue to add new rings to chain of PRAUF customer loyalty programme by establishing intimacy with our customers with an unusual innovative service perception.

What We Do


Our vision that making sustainable agriculture possible is essence of everything. Products and solutions that we present have been designed to help farmers to do more with less all over the world.


Why Us?

Our customers choose us, because we provide unique service and education and provide the best values in sector. Our approach in business management and quality issue have converted us from an engineering beginning into a leader producer. This did not realize in one night and it realized by staying dependent to our mission completely. We help customers to obtain more quality machines while we were decreasing their operation costs. You will find our professional engineering services as a priceless resource for your projects and you will provide required advantages to stay in front of competition.

Why Us?<